Viva Anti-Aging Testimonials

"I just wanted to let out know how great the Amaze Gel is and the Anti Aging serum. I have been using both products for over 1 month now and noticed that my skin is firmer and happier. I have even started to put the serum and moisturizer on the top of my hands to avoid the signs of aging and from exposure to the elements... Thank you for such great products that are both effective and derived from natural ingredients. You have me as a loyal customer"

~Christine S.

"...I am using the Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Amaze anti-aging serum daily.... I have been on "the hunt" for the past two years looking for a skin care line that would 1. firm up my face, 2. reduce the lines, 3. be simplistic to use... Since I started to use your products the 2 points I was looking for I now have, plus 2 more...your products are good for my skin and the cost is way less. I am very pleased with your products and intend to use them as you supply them."

~ Anja B.


I just wanted to tell you how PHENOMENAL your Amaze Gel and Amaze anti-aging serum are! I just started using them and so far they are the best thing I have used on my face (and I've tried just about everything!) My skin is so soft and feels like silk. I have quite sensitive skin and have had problems with many other skin care products, but your products are so gentle while still producing VISIBLE results! I'm definitely hooked!

Thank you so much!

~ E. Brophy

Hello there,

I have been using your products for just over a year particularly the Gel Cleanser, Amaze Anti-Aging Serum and Gel (practically the whole line!). I must say that over eight years working in cosmetics both as a makeup artist and esthetician this is the best! I currently hold a part-time position at Community Natural Foods in Calgary in the Health and Body care Department Downtown and advocate this product like it's a mantra of some kind! So, I felt it necessary to remind whoever is behind all of this awesome productness how truly great it is in all ways!

There is no better natural cosmetic line in my opinion, so keep up the above average work! Oh and I also just started using the Hyaluronic Acid in pure form around the eyes, I think I sold at least 5 bottles just to my girlfriends alone! I mean it, this product is fantastic!

~ Reia L Lance