Free Ebook: Good, Better, Best... How do I know which Progesterone Cream to buy?

Good, Better, Best:
How Do I Know Which Progesterone Cream to Buy?

By John Tice

We are very happy to offer you a free copy of this wonderful e-book. The author of this e-book is Mr. John Tice, the owner and manufacturer of Kokoro products.

John had the privilege of becoming friends with Dr. John Lee, who was very open to sharing and teaching what he knew about the benefits of progesterone cream for women and men. Over the years John has met many doctors and authors in the field of hormone balancing, and has become very educated in this subject.

This book talks about progesterone levels, health claims, the wild yam debate, Dr. Lee, frequently asked questions about progesterone cream, and much more.

We hope you enjoy this book, with our compliments.

When it comes to your hormones and your health, education is everything.

Balance Your Body Naturally

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