The Immune System

Research indicates that blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, arthritis and other degenerative and autoimmune diseases can develop as a result of untreated allergies.

Studies over the past decade have shown phytonutrients (found in Immuno-Care) to be valuable to the prevention and treatment of a wide range of immune related disorders.

Phytonutrients can both stimulate an under performing immune system so that our bodies can combat disease more effectively and can also calm down an over-active immune system as in autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

Phytonutrients are believed to be the only natural, non-toxic substance to safely activate the body’s T-Cells, which control the immune system’s response to infection and altered cells like cancer.

Phytonutrients do not cure disease directly, by themselves, but rather boost the body’s disease fighting mechanism to enable it to overcome disease naturally. Many conventional treatments such as anti-inflammatory compounds and immuno-suppressive treatments such as cortisone, suppress the immune system and therefore leave the patient vulnerable to carcinogens and opportunistic infections.