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Welcome to Balance Your Body Naturally, where it is our mission to help you find your body's balance, naturally. We are proud to be a Canadian Company, located in British Columbia. We specialize in balancing your hormones naturally, boosting the immune system naturally and we also carry a full line of all natural anti-aging products that actually reverse the signs of aging.

Finding natural progesterone cream in Canada is not easy, especially if your doctor will not prescribe it. If you are looking for progesterone cream in Canada or bio-identical progesterone cream in Canada, you’ve come to the right place! Kokoro progesterone cream is an amazing product... there are no artificial ingredients or fillers and most importantly, no petroleum based ingredients that will block the progesterone from going into your blood stream (this is important). If you are from out of Canada, please click here to visit Kokoro

DISCLAIMER:  Information provided on this site is from public information.  We offer this to help you get an idea of what our products have been known to benefit from many people. YOU need to do your own research and decide for yourself if these products are a good fit for you. Be the best advocate for your own health and research!  There are many great doctors that have books  you can buy [ie: Dr. John Lee, Dr. Christiane Northup to name only 2].  Just because your doctor does not believe in natural products doesn't mean they do not work!


My Story

My name is Leta and I am the proud owner of Balance Your Body Naturally. Let me start by saying that there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs to help bring your body back into balance. Through personal experience, I have gained knowledge in the area of balancing my hormones and making my immune system so strong that I no longer have allergies... both were done very simply. lt's not complicated when you use the right products.

20 years ago I had been to so many doctors for my heavy periods, fibroids, PMS and fibrocystic (lumpy) breasts (l had a lot more issues than those but I might run out of room here), but all my specialist would do was give me birth control pills (which worked for 5 months and then it was 5Ox worse) and then he suggested a hysterectomy... I was 33! Those were the best answers they could come up with! I literally walked out of my specialist's office and vowed never to return.

I didn't fare much better with my horrendous allergies... pets, spring, dust... it was horrible. Again, I was told by my GP 'take an allergy pill once a day'... really? This was honestly the best they could do? There had to be another way... a natural way. A way that was not complicated and that actually WORKED. A way to put my body into balance without using pharmaceutical drugs.

I believe there is always a natural answer and I was going to figure this out myself.

I went to the bookstore and looked through every book I could get my hands on regarding natural health as it pertained to hormones and allergies. I have always been interested in natural health but I had bought a ton of things at the health food store that didn't work, and this time I needed results... no 'try this, try that' anymore.

I came across Dr. Lee's book

called 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause' and

I felt like he was talking specifically to me! I honestly almost started crying right there in the book store. After I read the book cover to cover (yes, I did buy it), I had a plan. Finally, a plan!

I have been using Kokoro Women's Balance Cream for 20 years now and I will NEVER go without it. People often ask me 'how long should I use the cream?’  To coin Dr. Lee's famous line (when asked the same question by one of his patients), '... use it until you are 90 and then we'll re-evaluate.’  Because you see, progesterone cream is good for so many more things then just hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, headaches, estrogen dominance, post-partum depression, trouble conceiving (or having miscarriages), ovary pain, etc... it builds our bone density (prevents osteoporosis), it's a natural anti-depressant and it prevents endometrial and breast cancers... I've only touched on a few things. Please read through the website for so much more information.

Dr. Lee was the founding father on natural hormone supplementation. When the rest of the medical world was dispensing HRT and birth control pills like candy, Dr. Lee predicted that they would pose serious health risks. Of course we know he was right. He also pioneered the use of bio-identical hormones as safe, natural alternatives to conventional HRT. John Tice (owner of Kokoro) had the honour of calling Dr. Lee a friend, and Kokoro was created using Dr. Lee's specifications. Kokoro's Balance Cream has been on Dr. Lee's list of recommended progesterone cream's since 1996.

Do you wonder if your symptoms are from your hormones being out of balance? Read through the website to find out more and if you need 'tangible' proof, we sell the best saliva test kit around (the ZRT Hormone Saliva Test Kit from ZRT Labs) that you do in the the comfort of your own home and the results are e-mailed/mailed directly back to you. Then you know for sure what you're dealing with.

Kokoro Health offers the highest quality progesterone in an all natural emollient base, and has the exact amount of Progesterone USP that Dr. Lee and all other leading authorities on hormone balancing suggest.

Do not be fooled by other companies offering only Wild Yam Extract (with no Progesterone USP), little amounts of Progesterone USP or use an emollient base that is petroleum derived.

To find out how and why Kokoro is the best and most natural product on the market, view the free eBook, "Good, Better, Best: How Do I Know Which Progesterone Creme to Buy?"

The story of how I stopped having allergy problems is a LOT shorter. Here's the Cole's Notes version... tried everything natural under the sun (literally, there was nothing I didn't try or modality I didn't do). Of course over the counter allergy pills worked, but now that I was feeling so great with my hormones, I didn't want to subject my body to those pharmaceuticals!

I read an article about how someone with allergies actually has an auto-immune problem (the body is essentially getting overzealous and starts attacking itself). The body takes basically inoffensive intruders such as pollen, dust or dog dander as the enemy and causes the body to go into an allergic reaction. Also, the immune system can mistake the body's own cells and attack them too. Which is why a lot of people with allergies will also have stiffness, pain and inflammation (among other things).

Long story short... I've been using Immuno-Care for eighteen years and I have ZERO (and I mean Zero) problems with pollen, dust or dogs! As a huge bonus, I did not get one cold or flu for twelve years.  Admittedly in year thirteen I did get one flu but I recovered quickly. Who can say they have not had one single illness in twelve straight years... I can! I do not get flu shots either, Immuno-Care keeps my immune system in top form... no allergies, no illnesses. For those of you who have high cholesterol, read our section in the website about the benefits of Immuno-Care for that as well.

Please take a good look through the website as there is a lot of information and resources at your disposal.

I have been where you are right now... the first step is do your own research!

... and of course, why not age gracefully the natural way? You're going to be feeling so good, why not look amazing too? Our all natural anti-aging products are so luxurious but they WORK! I do not sell anything that I do not believe in, have tested and use on pretty much a daily basis.

My personal experiences brought my business to me... I just knew I had to share what I have been through, and hopefully the information will help you too!


Balance Your Body Naturally

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