Fertility and Miscarriage

Progesterone is a hormone produced primarily by the corpus luteum of the ovaries and in larger amounts by the placenta when pregnant. It is highly fat soluable and has been shown to benefit just about every part of the body.

Progesterone effectively aids in fertilization, and helps prevent pre-term deliveries in those women at risk. There are several factors that can contribute to pre-term delivery. Pre-term delivery occurs when uterine contractions start before the 37th week. According to Dr. Carole Mendelson, as published in the July 18th issue of the National Academy of Sciences, progesterone prevents the uterus from contracting throughout most of the pregnancy.

In both women who want to be pregnant, and those that are pregnant, progesterone is "the pregnancy hormone". In mid-cycle, after the egg is released, your body starts to produce progesteone and that inhibits the effects of estrogen. If the egg is then fertilized, more progesterone is released, otherwise production stops, the uterine wall breaks down, and menstruation occurs.

Here are some of the reported benefits of Natural Progesterone, as it's related to pregnancy:

  • Counters the effects of estrogen
  • Aids in conception
  • Aids in the attachment of the placenta
  • Aids in the health of the fetus
  • Clears the skin
  • Produces healthier hair
  • Increases muscle tone

According to Dr. Lee (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause, page 172 - 177), women have reported excellent results while using Natural Progesterone cream prior to, during and after pregnancy. Dr. Lee had a number of patients in his practice who had been unable to conceive. His patients, some of whom had been trying to conceive for years, had very good luck conceiving using Natural Progesterone.

Research by British hormone researcher Katherina Dalton, M.D., indicates that babies born to mothers who used Natural Progesterone during pregnancy are normal - and, in fact, are larger, calmer and smarter.


If you are trying to conceive, or you are pregnant, it is important that you read Dr. Lee's book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause" for instructions on how to use Natural Progesterone cream properly.