Cardio Vascular Disease and Cholesterol

The key to heart health

While diet and lifestyle changes help lower a person’s cholesterol levels to a point, it’s often not enough. But a breakthrough natural alternative may help people whose cholesterol levels are higher than their doctor’s recommendations – a combination of plant sterols, antioxidants and Cellasate™.


Consumption of phytosterols 15 minutes prior to a meal helps block the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Recent studies have shown that both phytosterols and Enzogenol™ can assist in reducing LDL (bad cholesterol), and in increasing HDL (good cholesterol) levels. In fact, the U.S. FDA issued a rare ruling allowing the health claim that foods containing plant sterols may reduce cholesterol levels. This is only the 12th time the FDA has allowed such a claim.


Studies have been completed on humans and animals and published in international scientific journals since the 1960’s, showing that beta-sitosterol can effectively lower cholesterol levels in humans. There are three ways beta-sitosterol can reduce blood serum cholesterol levels:

  1. Better cholesterol metabolism: Cholesterol is more effectively metabolized or broken down by the liver in the presence of beta-sitosterol. The specific liver enzymes which break down saturated fats are significantly more active.
  2. Binding and excretion of dietary cholesterol: Beta-sitosterol decreased the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive system by locking to the fat molecules eaten so it is excreted directly out of the body.
  3. Blocking the re-absorption of circulating cholesterol: By blocking the fat molecule absorption gates in the intestines. Beta-sitosterol prevents the reabsorption of circulating cholesterol in the intestine walls.

Other studies:

Commonly prescribed drugs that lower cholesterol have many undesirable side-effects and are very burdensome to the liver and kidneys.

In contrast, supplementation with a safe and natural plant based cholesterol fighter like beta-sitosterol and Enzogenol® can actually be beneficial by also reducing C-reactive protein, and be part of a health plan to naturally lower serum cholesterol levels.


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