Your Immune System

Do you have Allergies, Colds or Flu’s, Fibromyalgia, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), Joint Pain and Stiffness, Flaky Patches of Dry Skin, High Cholesterol or an Auto-immune Disease?
Research shows that many diseases stem from a poor functioning immune system. Your immune system is under assault from herbicides, pesticides and food additives, and also from the immense amount of radiation that is part of our everyday life today. Environmental diseases affect immune system functions like never before.

What is happening with us?

Our immune system is over burdened and does not respond properly. Instead of masking our ailments with pharmaceutical drugs, we should be boosting our immune system naturally.

Do you, or someone you know, suffer with any of these symptoms?

  • Swollen eyelids and itchy eyes, runny nose, lethargy
  • Colds and flu that never go away
  • Allergies, hayfever
  • Seasonal allergies, in winter and fall too
  • Aching feeling, insomnia, depression
  • Frequent bathroom visits (men)
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Flaky, itchy patches of dry skin
  • High blood sugar levels
  • Low CD-4 cell count
  • Stressed out

What can I do to strengthen my immune system?

Immuno-Care™ is the only ONE A DAY supplement of plant sterols synergistically formulated with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to positively balance and support your immune system, naturally.

What is Immuno-Care™ used for?

Immuno-Care™ is most commonly used for the following, but will benefit any illness where the immune system is compromised:

  • Support for a healthy immune system
  • Allergies (seasonal, environmental, food)
  • Immune related joint, stiffness and/or muscle problems
  • Skin health (flaky, dry, rough and bumpy skin)
  • Prostate support
  • Cholesterol level support
  • T-cell proliferation
  • A balanced immune system and T 1 and T 2 helper cell ratio, associated with auto-immune conditions and chronic viral infections
  • Peak urinary flow and reduction of residual volume

Taking Immuno-Care once per day gives your body what it needs to fight!

Immuno-Care™ is the only supplement that contains 300mg plant sterols to nutritionally support the immune system, 20mg of powerful antioxidants to protect you against free radical damage, together with 50mg of Cellaste™ to enhance absorption and retention of these health promoting nutrients.

Immuno-Care™ is designed to 
Balance your Immune system, naturally.

Immuno-Care™ is a combination of 300mg of these remarkable phytonutrients plus Enzogenol®, the most powerful antioxidant available, and Biolysate™ an immune system modulator that also optimizes the absorption of vitamins and minerals [click here to see the list of ingredients].

There are literally hundreds of studies and reports that attest to the effectiveness of this natural plant derivative in preventing disease and maintaining health. This is an all-natural cure for colds & flu, health maintenance and reduced inflammation. Supplements claim to boost the immune system, but Immuno-Care™ is the only natural antioxidant supplement that contains phytonutrients, Enzogenol®, and Biolysate™.

Phytonutrients can both stimulate an under performing immune system so that our bodies can combat disease more effectively and can also calm down an over-active immune system as in autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

Make Immuno-Care™
 once a day
supplement for health

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