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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About BREAST CANCER - Dr. John Lee

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About BREAST CANCER - Dr. John Lee

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Breakthrough Strategies to Lower Your Risk... and Increase your Chances of Recovery

With its revolutionary program featuring natural progesterone, this book offers a progressive approach to hormone balancing that is both eye-opening and empowering

Breast cancer incidence has risen by 60% in the last 50 years.  Conventional treatment protocols are simply not working - and they may even be harmful.  In this book, Dr. John Lee, and internationally renowned expert in natural hormones, teams up with breast cancer researcher Dr. David Zava to present a revolutionary hormone balance program to reduce your risk of breast cancer and help eliminate a recurrence if you already have the disease.

Learn about:

* Conventional HRT and ERT - how synthetic hormones trigger cancer

* Risk factors for breast cancer - including the long-term dangers of birth control pills

* The unsettling truth about mammograms, radiation therapy and breast cancer drugs

* The remarkable "benefits of natural hormones

"Clear, fluent and engaging... this book is extremely provocative... healthy in its broader perspective of opinions and options."

~ Jose Russo, MD, senior member, Fox Chase Cancer Center

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