The Auto Ship Program
Having at least TWO eligible products automatically shipped on a regular basis means YOU SAVE MONEY with FREE SHIPPING!

Are There Any Catches?

There are four...

  1. The AutoShip Program is only available for credit card customers. Why? Because the system is automated and we are not able to accommodate money orders or e-transfers on the AutoShip Program.
  2. You must pick two regular sized products (excluding books and test kits) to be in your regular shipment. You can, however, add additional products at any time for no additional shipping charges. Just email me and I will make a note to ship it/them with your next AutoShip shipment.
  3. Your shipments should not be spaced more than sixteen weeks apart. Why? We find that, with more than four months between shipments, it's easy to overlook alerting us when your residence or credit cards change.
  4. It is your responsibility to contact us if you wish to cancel a shipment or shipments. You must do so before your next order is shipped. (Your receipt shows the next shipping date.)

Sound Good? Here's How to Get Started:

  1. Use the form below to tell us how many of which products you want shipped on a regular basis. A minimum of TWO products are required for the AutoShip Program.
  2. Tell us how often you would like us to ship your order.
  3. Click the "Add to Cart" button then, in the voucher section of the cart, enter the code FREE to immediately remove your shipping charges. It's easy!

Don't worry if you forgot to enter the voucher code. We process all orders manually and you will NOT be charged for shipping if you sign up for the AutoShip.

A credit card is required for the AutoShip Program, sorry... no Money Orders or e-transfers. If the free shipping voucher is used for an order that isn't a valid AutoShip order, we'll adjust shipping charges as needed.

Be sure to visit Our Products page for our complete line of products, including books, testing kits, and more.

How Can I Change Anything or Quit?

You can change your frequency, quantity, slow down your shipments, delay your shipment, send an extra shipment one time or quit! Just email us before your next shipment is due to go out and it’s no problem (and you will always know when your next shipment is due to be mailed, as it’s highlighted in yellow on the invoice that comes with your products).

I’ve Ordered Before But Now I Want to Be AutoShipped,
What is the Easiest Way to Sign Up?

Just email us, making sure to tell us your first and last name and we can look up your last order which will have all of your information on it. In the email, tell us which products you want, how many you’d like, and how often you want them, and we can set it up immediately.