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ZRT Vitamin D Blood Spot Test Kit


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Testing for vitamin D is an important screening test, especially if you spend much of your time indoors, or live in a colder climate.

The ZRT blood spot test measures both the natural form of vitamin D (D3) as well as D2, the form that is used in many supplements.  So testing can be used to monitor vitamin D supplementation to ensure you are getting the right amount for optimum health.

With ZRT’s innovative blood spot test, you can take this simple test in the comfort of your own home.  A few drops of blood from a quick and nearly painless nick of the finger, placed on a filter paper to dry are all that is needed.

You mail it off to ZRT Labs where your sample is analyzed, and then in about 1 week a detailed report is mailed to your home.  They also give you phone numbers you can call if you have any questions about your results.  You will know the exact level of vitamin D in your bloodstream and you can decide for yourself how you want to supplement your vitamin D, and you can take the test results to your doctor to discuss your results if you wish.

ZRT Vitamin D Bloodspot Test Kit: CA$79.99

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